Lousã among the 9 most sustainable local authorities

18 dec 2020
Lousã among the 9 most sustainable local authorities
Once again the local authority receives the ECOXXI Green Flag, incorporating an exclusive group of local authorities with the highest score.

Lousã received, on 16 December, the ECOXXI Green Flag 2020 award, being one of 9 local authorities that received the highest score, among the 56 awarded.

In the group of local authorities with the highest scores, Lousã is the only council with a score above 80%, the others being Pombal, Loures, Torres vedras, Águeda, Leiria, Braga, Funchal, and Maia.

ECOXXI is a Programme set up by the European Blue Flag Association that aims to recognise best practice in sustainability at local authority level, through the assessment of 21 indicators and 71 sub-indicators in the environmental, social, and economic fields.

In 2020, ECOXXI included, for the first time, specific indicators in the areas of Climate Change and Health and Well-being. Other issues are also considered, such as: Education for Sustainability; Sustainability in Swimming Zones; Citizenship, Participation and Governance; Transparency, Digitalisation and Connectivity; Employment; Cooperation with Civil Society; Certification of Management Systems; Spatial Planning; Nature Conservation; Forest Conservation and Management; Air and Noise Quality; Safe Water and Quality of Water Services Provided to Users; Production and Selective Collection of Urban Waste; Enhancing the Role of Energy in Municipal Management; Sustainable Mobility; Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development; Sustainable Tourism.

"Although there is still a lot of work to do in all these areas, it is with great satisfaction that we achieve an assessment that confirms we are on the right track for sustainability”, says the Mayor of Lousã. Luís Antunes also points out that "this is a recognition that is only possible thanks to the effort of the whole community, namely the Council’s partner institutions".