“Lousã a Mexer +” project wins Quality Seal

13 oct 2022
“Lousã a Mexer +” project wins Quality Seal
The distinction was awarded by the Network of Sports-Friendly Municipalities within the scope of the Municipal Physical Activity Programs for the Senior Population.

The good practices of the Municipality of Lousã in terms of physical activity and health programs were recognized, on the 12th of October, in Óbidos, with the attribution of the Seal of Quality, to the program "Lousã a move +", by the Network of Friendly Municipalities of Sports, within the scope of the Municipal Programs of Physical Activity for the Senior Population.

The Senior Physical Activity Programme, “Lousã a move +” is part of a set of activities that the Municipality of Lousã provides throughout the year, with the main objective of continuously promoting physical and sporting activity, promoting lifestyle habits health in the senior population of the municipality.

All activities are adapted to age groups and guided by duly qualified teachers, which are also articulated with the municipality's IPSS, so that seniors who are in these institutions can also integrate this project.

It should be noted that, over the last year, this initiative promoted by the City Council saw the regular participation of around 200 citizens. “It is pride and recognition of the work produced by the City Council and reinforces the importance of this project in promoting the quality of life in our population”, says Luís Antunes, Mayor of Lousã.