Barraca dos Oleiros

Barraca dos Oleiros

Black ceramics are characterised by the polishing process (done by hand with a river pebble) and by the firing of the pieces in a small wood oven, which gives them their dark tone. At Barraca dos Oleiros, Carlos Lima and Xana Monteiro have continued this secular tradition since 1988.  And they have given the work their personal stamp through the innovation of shapes and textures and the refinement of the finishes. Barraca dos Oleiros was part of the trilogy Água Musa, with "Movimento Primeiro" (First Movement), and Agricultura Lusitana, with the plays "Sulco I/Sulco II" and "Exas. Proeminências”.


  • Barraca dos Oleiros
    Rua das Silhas, nº 56,
    3460-244 TONDELA
    (+351) 232 822 736
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